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Multiverso II, Window Dressing Project, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk, CA

Multiverso II, Window Dressing Project, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk, CA

Dear friends, I am excited to be presenting my Window Dressing Project installation, “Multiverso,” at Cerritos College Art Gallery, with the opening reception on January 29th, 6-9pm 

Tuesday, January 29th will be a busy night at Cerritos College Art Gallery. In addition to the opening receptions for my installation, “Multiverso,” and Kimberly Morris’ Art+Tech Artist-in-Residence Exhibition, “Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler,” the Cerritos College Faculty Art Exhibition will also open that evening. 


Reception: Tuesday, January 29 @ 6-9PM
Cerritos College Art Gallery
11110 Alondra Blvd, Norwalk, California 90650 


Cerritos College Art Gallery 


Ismael de Anda III
January 28 – February 8, 2019 


Ismael de Anda III’s installation, Multiverso, II presents an atmospheric installation featuring a vortex or portal pattern made from hundreds of re-purposed discarded raised street markers also known as “Bott’s dots used for marking the streets of the Los Angeles area. The plastic “Bott’s dots” are attached to the pavement on streets to control the flow of automotive traffic and are a representation of the flow and movement of a city and its people. The worn “Bott’s dots” are individually, roughly spray-painted in various colors using a custom-cut metal flower, common in home décor and based on one previously purchased in a Mexican Home Depot, as a stencil. Multiverso is a re-staged installation, originally presented in collaboration with La Estación Arte Contemporáneo at the historic Agua Fuerte in Chihuahua, Mexico, using discarded Mexican “bollas” (“Bott’s dots”) removed from the streets of Mexico. Growing up in the El Paso, Texas – Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Gateway, de Anda has always considered that particular frontier region as a hinge of the larger Western Hemisphere. A representation of the connectivity and motility of a hinge, the spiral vortex for Multiverso emanates out from the cornered edge of the window display space. As the sun sets, colored LED lights illuminate the display – an inverse otherworldly sunrise at night. 


WINDOW DRESSING is an annual cycle of short-term installations in the exterior vitrine of the Cerritos College Art Gallery. 

The inaugural WINDOW DRESSING series in Spring 2018 featured ten installations by local contemporary artists: Jacqueline Bell Johnson, Dakota Noot, Diane Williams, Paula Goldman, Henderson Blumer and Suzanne Zoe Joskow, John Waiblinger and Sean Yang, Cat Chiu Phillips, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Elizabeth Tinglof, and Connie DK Lane. 

A catalog documenting the previous installations is available at: