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Revolutions Regenerator

Revolutions Regenerator


Ismael de Anda & Eugene Ahn


Revolutions Regenerator is an interactive project and collaboration, between Ismael de Anda III, Eugene Ahn, with projection assistance from Alejandro Ordoñez; representing  Durden & Ray, for High Beams #5 Night Moves, on the rooftop of the historic Bendix building in downtown Los Angeles.  


Revolutions Regenerator is a performative video installation and interactive, virtual reality project, combining live feed video footage from a remote-controlled drone operated by Eugene Ahn, flying above the Bendix Building, its rooftop, High Beam’s visitors, and the view of downtown L.A. at night.  Embedded within the video projection, a QR code is posted, that visitors can scan with their phones, to view and superimpose virtual spinning Revolutions Generators over scanned shots of their surroundings, within their camera lens.


The spinning Revolutions Generators are virtual, digital, mutant, abstract, “flying” designs created by de Anda, resembling satellite spacecraft re-imagined from de Anda’s memory of the obnoxious, claustrophobic turnstiles that he and many others have been forced through while traveling back and forth at the U.S.-Mexico/Gateway point of entry. As an act of liberation, these re-fashioned turnstiles are yanked out of the ground and can defiantly levitate and freely spin in the air. 


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