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Ismael de Anda III – Mirrors for Tomorrow’s Midnight Suns



Opening, Saturday November 12, 6-10 pm

Please join us for the opening reception.


Analia Saban
Ben Jackel
Bryan Ida
Ismael de Anda III
Josh Callaghan
Lana Duong
Nathan Mabry
Sijia Chen

Stefan Bucher


November 12 – December 3, 2022

Opening reception: Saturday November 12, 6-10pm


Curated by Ben Jackel, Ismael de Anda III, Lana Duong, Sijia Chen


Transmogrified, weaves together and juxtaposes a group of artists that experiment with common and unusual materials to transform them into artworks that explore and recontextualize the world we live in.


The artists’ varied, dynamic work and practices hold in common the experimentation of recombination of a myriad of physical materials. They transform the possible expectations of how certain materials are commonly used, viewed, or thought of. They do this by translating modes of expression from aural to visual, simulating and recontextualizing common signage for new use values, processing digital statistical data as hand woven strips of plastic paint, or using graphic design to imagine asteroids as sanctuaries for human refugees.


Featuring work by Analia Saban, Ben Jackel, Bryan Ida, Ismael de Anda III, Josh Callaghan, Lana Duong, Nathan Mabry, Sijia Chen, and Stefan Bucher.”