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Come check out this stellar roster of super cool artists at Durden and Ray for TIEZE, opening Sat. Feb. 18, 5-9PM.


Bendix Bldg. 1206 Maple Ave., Los Angeles, #832 (& #800 Pop-up show 2/18 only)

Durden and Ray


Tieze: Group Exhibition of Durden and Ray Artists


Opening Reception, Saturday,February 18/ 5-9pm
1206 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
#832 Main Durden and Ray Gallery

#800 Tieze Large Sculpture Event Popup (2/18 only)


My work in collaboration with Eugene Ahn @onethousandlifetimes, features a digital photo-collage printed on aluminum including footage taken from the Bendix Building rooftop, with an interactive augmented reality feature, developed by Ahn, which allows viewers to superimpose flying “Revolutions Generators” anywhere in the world(s) through the lens of their phone.


Our annual artist member group show, includes works by:



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