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This two-day event takes place on Saturday, August 28 and Sunday, August 29. Medical Building, Del Amo Crossing: 21535 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA

For more information, please visit: https://www.nomadartshow.com/


Nomad will be the biggest, free art show event in Southern California history, featuring 500 artists in 87,000 square feet of raw space in Del Amo Crossing, a mid-century modern building in Torrance. The former medical building will showcase multiple floors dedicated to works of all media types and disciplines. DJ’s and live performance art will be featured at select times throughout the weekend.

Imágen Arquitexturas (image/imagine archi-textures) is the site-specific installation work that I designed for NOMAD, held on August 28, 29, 2021, organized by Max Presneill and the team at the Torrance Art Museum!
Imágen Arquitexturas is a grouping of mobile photo-collages on aluminum with painted aluminum stands serving as re-imagined facsimiles of architectural signage that was found throughout the venue site during the walkthrough when artists could find a location to display their work. The photo-collages are composed of compilations of photos of the architectural details of the venue and the movement of participating artists as they searched for locations during the walkthrough to anchor their works.