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Las Cienegas Projects book release

Las Cienegas Projects book release

It’s my honor to be included within the legacy of Las Cienegas Projects and in their newly released book TIME RUNS OUT, documenting the history of this great Los Angeles artist-run project space. Thanks Steven Hull, Amy Thoner, all the artists that contributed to the space, and all those that supported it behind the scenes! Fantastic book design by Jennifer Rider, introduction by Susan Morgan and essay by Charles Gaines, “Las Cienegas Project: Art, Egalitarianism, and Well-being of Artists!” Special thanks to Rosamund Felsen, Charles Gaines, the Haden Triplets, Alejandro Pelayo, Issac, and Jarvis for a lively book release party filled with many enduring friends!

Rosamund Felsen Gallery, 1923 S. Santa Fe Av #100, L.A. CA 90021