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It’s super exciting to exhibit with fellow Los Angeles Durden and Ray artists at the phenomenal Gallery 70 in Tirana, Albania. for DISPARATE ALLEYS! Feb 23 – March 20, 2023.



Participating artists include Carlos Beltran Arechiga, Sijia Chen, Jenny Hager, and Curtis Stage, and myself in collaboration with Eugene Ahn.


My contribution in collaboration with Eugene Ahn is a collection of digital collages printed on aluminum from the on-going Revolutions Generators series together with partner Eugene Ahn’s, embedded augmented reality feature, which allows viewers to superimpose flying “Revolutions Generators” anywhere in the world(s) through the lens of their phone.



DISPARATE ALLEYS assembles a team of artists from the Los Angeles based artist collective Durden and Ray. As a city where all the world’s cultures convene, Disparate Alleys highlights a distinguishing feature of the city of Los Angeles. Different from other large cities, it is not necessarily organized on a grid, with a multitude of sprawling connective neighborhoods containing a myriad of pockets of artists whose work taps into rich arrays of cultures and the locative/ dis-locative and nomadic gatherings of the Los Angeles Metroplex and it’s surrounding areas. Durden and Ray’s participating artists for Disparate Alleys originally hail from Mexico, China, Texas, Michigan, and Minnesota, now living and working in Los Angeles with a diverse range of practices that incorporate influences of collage, hybridity, architecture, and movement of peoples, gleaned from traversing, immersing in, and absorbing L.A. The work of these artists travels to be transposed to Albania, to intersect within the neighborhood of Gallery 70.