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Betwixt and/or Between

Betwixt and/or Between

You’re invited to come experience Revolutions Generator Evolutions a multimedia project by Eugene Ahn and myself for the dynamic group exhibition Betwixt and/or Between at Angels Gate Cultural Center.

Revolutions Generator Evolutions incorporates my ongoing series of digital collages on aluminum of levitating invented sculptural contraptions which supersede earthly boundaries with Eugene Ahn’s digital video animation of rotating “flying” satellite-esque forms based on liberated turnstiles of passage used to limit the flow of travelers at the US/ Mexico Gateway. Ahn’s augmented reality feature allows you to further liberate the revolutions generators from the video, placing the flying sculptures anywhere in your own surroundings through the camera lens of your phone.

3601 S Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 519-0936

Betwixt and/or Between is organized by John David O’Brien, and includes works by Nena Amsler, Fatemeh Burnes, Mark Steven Greenfield, Renée Lotenero, John David O’Brien, Pam Posey, Shirley Tse, Alexis Zoto, and Ismael de Anda III in collaboration with Eugene Ahn.

Artists regularly transit between different worlds, be they inherited, imposed, physical, or philosophical. Betwixt and/or Between seeks to illuminate how these different vital points are connected within the artists, their practice, and ultimately the viewer. Art communicates by unfolding itself into our conscious and unconscious awareness – suggesting that meaning cannot be universally prescribed, as art resides in intersecting spaces of in-between. This exhibition explores interlocking sets of deliberations that range from formal to stylistic, narrative to personal, and sociological to historical, inviting us into considerations that go beyond the surface.