AS BRILLIANT AS THE SUN - Ismael de Anda III / Artist - Los Angeles, CA
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Book Project Launch – Palazzo Cavallerini, Rome, Italy 

I am Super Excited to be included in this stellar publication! Thank you and congratulations to Camilla Boemio, Fabrizio Orsini, AAC Platform Project and vanillaedizioni! Also congratulations to all the featured artists! I’m looking forward to the upcoming publication launch on February 1st at Contemporary Cluster, Palazzo Cavallerini, Rome also featuring Electrovinyl and a preview by Krayon curated by Dario Pellegrino and Giacomo Guidi.

As brilliant as the sun, curated by Camilla Boemio for the project of AAC Platform, rebuilds a journey into the artistic practices of California and around the city of Rome, creating a bond between two places of art combined with similarities and contradictions.

Artists involved: Dean Smith, Cody Trepte, William E. Jones, Geof Oppenheimer, Tam Van Tran, Kevin Cooley and Phillip Andrew, Lewis Jamie Hamilton with Hannah Hughes, Stephanie Syjuco, Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Mara de Luca, Peter Halasz, Adriano Valeri, Carly Chubak, Katherine Sherwood, lsmael de Anda III, Todd Gray, Nicole Eisenman, Catherine Opie, Maria Elisa D ‘ Andrea, Mark Todd, Sean Noyce, Scarlet Mann, Curtis Stage, Katie Shapiro, Daniela De Paulis, Amir Zaki, Jebila Okongwu, Stefano Canto, Salvatore Arancio, Ryts Monet, Marta Mancini , Ra di Martino, Ludovica Gioscia, Lapo Simeoni.