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Artists and Poems

Artists and Poems

In Artists and Poems, organized by Durden and Ray, curator Steven Wolkoff and co-curators Alexandra Wiesenfeld and Jenny Hager invited a group of 45 Los Angeles artists to choose a poem that has meaning for them given the current state of the world. The artists then created artwork inspired by these poems. The pair of works – poem and visual art – will be presented together in a virtual exhibition on suturo.com.

Artists and Poems is the inaugural exhibition for SUTURO.COM, a new dynamic and interactive website that reacts uniquely to each visitor as they navigate the site, allowing for exploration that fosters new formal and conceptual perspectives between the art, the poems, and the viewers.


Shooting Starlight 2020, Ismael de Anda III


Daily Haiku, September 28, 2020, Alicia Vogl Saenz


Artists and Poems, suturo.com. Alicia Vogl Saenz with Ismael de Anda III