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Sin Creases

Sin Creases is a mobile installation of painterly photo-collages printed on glossy aluminum of digitally manipulated close-ups of human flesh and bodily openings contending our developing human interactivity between ephemeral digital and evolving physical existences, gatherings, and sensuality; additionally within these lingering pandemic times.

Revolutions Generator Evolutions

Revolutions Generator Evolutions incorporates my ongoing series of digital collages on aluminum of levitating invented sculptural contraptions which supersede earthly boundaries with Eugene Ahn’s digital video animation of rotating “flying” satellite-esque forms based on liberated turnstiles of passage used to limit the flow of travelers

Imágen Arquitexturas

Imágen Arquitexturas (image/imagine archi-textures) is the site-specific installation work that I designed for NOMAD, held on August 28, 29, 2021. NOMAD is the biggest Pop-up show of Contemporary Art in So-Cal history, organized by Max Presneill and the team at the Torrance Art Museum! Imágen Arquitexturas

Lazaro’s Run

Lazaro’s Run is a re-imagined take on the science-fiction film Logan’s Run, which depicts a utopian future society on the surface, revealed as a dystopia where the population and the consumption of resources are maintained in equilibrium by killing everyone who reaches the age of thirty. To track this, each

Multiverso 3

My contribution for the group exhibition 360 Mind Games, a conceptual exploration of the freedoms, limitations and compositions of the circle, held at Durden and Ray & organized by La Estación Arte Contemporáneo of Chihuahua, Mexico is Multiverso 3, an interactive installation made of 2,000 circular raised street markers called “Botts”