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FULL BLEDE / Issue Six: The Parapraxis

FULL BLEDE / Issue Six: The Parapraxis

Oct 27

Opening Reception and Issue Launch


Launch Party

FULL BLEDE Issue Six: The Parapraxis


Opening Reception”Eulogies” by Chad Attie

Come celebrate with us!

Saturday, October 27, 6-9pm


1024 N Western Ave

Los Angeles 90029

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FULL BLEDE Issue Six: The Parapraxis features 46 artists and writers exploring slips, mistakes, and subconscious signifiers.

FULL BLEDE is a free contemporary broadsheet featuring writing and art, independently published by Sacha Baumann. The masthead is a nod to the newspaper terms “full bleed” (edge-to-edge printing) and “lede” (the introductory section of a news story that entices the reader to keep reading). Combined, FULL BLEDE expresses an intent to publish content that is intriguing, unadulterated, and beyond the edge ofstandardized borders of convention.


Issue Six: The Parapraxis

October 2018


Each issue of FULL BLEDE invites contributors to expound on a theme. In Issue Six: The Parapraxis, the broadsheet’s collaborators explore slips, mistakes, and subconscious signifiers. For some parapraxis leads to fresh discoveries and new methods of making. For others it causes squirms of unease or bouts of laughter. Slips in seeing and making reveal hidden proclivities and desires. Enjoy this collection of prose, poetry, and visual artworks. As always, thank you for your support and long looks.


Issue Six: The Parapraxis features 46 contributors and there were 300 copies were printed.






Issue Six: The Parapraxis contributors: Alexis Bolter, Alfonso Gonzalez, Amy Shimshon-Santo, Aubrey Ingmar Manson, Camille Schefter, Carolie Parker, Chad Attie, Chandler McWilliams, Cody Bayne, Daniel Gibson, Dee Balson Mollett, Diana Kohne, Elizabeth Leister, Elliott Hundley, Forrest Kirk, Frank J. Stockton, Harold Hollingsworth, Heather Williamsonn, Helen Rebekah Garber, Holly Wood, Ismael de Anda III, Jaklin Romine, Joseph Masotta, Joshua Schaedel, Kaye Freeman, Kelly Brumfield-Woods, Kim Kei, Kottie Paloma, Kyla Hansen, Lindsey Nobel, Lindsey Warren, Ludovica Gioscia, Maja Ruznic, Martin Gantman, Mary Little, Maysha Mohamedi, Megan Mueller, Michael Mollett, Molly Segal, Nurit Avesar, Sacha Baumann, Sydney Mills, Tanya Brodsky, Tm Gratkowski, Wendell Gladstone, Yemisi Oyeniyi.




“Eulogies” by Chad Attie uses film and fixed imagery to celebrate the lives of 24 subjects, offering us a glimpse into their final hopes, losses, loves, and regrets. The series is comprised of 24 short films and prints that document specific moments in their lives. After we die, we live on, not as characters of fixed identity, but in the memories of those who loved us. Each memory creates associations that grow and shift and evolve — living praise of our time on earth.




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